Daily Devotion, 5-26-2020 - In the Name of Jesus

Devotion: May 25, 2020
Reading: Acts 3:1-10
In the Name of Jesus

Have you ever been to a healing service or to a prayer group where the sole purpose is to pray for healing? It is an experience that you will not or should not forget. Often, you will hear the expression, “In the name of Jesus” at these services or groups. When we pray or call upon Jesus, we are calling upon the Holy Spirit, the Spirit he left with us, to be our advocate after he ascended to heaven.

Acts 3:1-10 is the story of the beggar, “lame from birth”, who was at the temple entrance waiting for those who entered into and left the temple to give to him, thinking those entering and exiting would be moved by guilt or obligation. This man was hopeless, helpless and dependent. He even had to depend on people to place him at the temple.

While this man’s life was transformed and a miracle was performed, the church also was transformed through this healing. Peter spoke to the man and raised him up; as a representative of the church he both spoke hope into a broken life (word) and extended a practical hand to him by literally raising him up (deed). The man asked for money but what he received was deeper than his physical needs.  While the church’s mission does include an element of meeting the physical needs of people, the primary mission is to meet the spiritual needs of hope that can only come in a relationship with Jesus Christ; Peter and John offered him hope “in the name of Jesus”. The man’s response to what Peter and John (in Christ) was to praise the Lord visibly (walking and leaping) as well as verbally.

In this story, there are several lessons to be gleaned for the church today.  As the church, we must:
(1)  both speak hope and extend help to those in need. (2) proclaim requests for healing (and anything else) in the name of Jesus, just as the man was healed not because of his begging or the actions of Peter and John, but because the request was made in the name and for the name of Jesus; (3) respond to God’s work in our life with praise and worship. Because this man worshipped and praised God with his actions and words after his healing, others heard about this miraculous healing which led to the salvation of many souls (v. 10, 4:4). Are we, as the church, speaking and living out a message of hope “in the name of Jesus?” Are we praying for all kinds of healing “in the name of Jesus?” When we experience physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing are we visibly and audibly giving praise “in the name of Jesus?”  If not, let's start being the church in these ways so that others may come to know Christ.

Dear God, we give you thanks for Jesus in whose name we make our requests known to you. We give you thanks for all kinds of healing that takes place in his name. Please help us to offer hope and comfort to others, in his name, and then give praise, in his name, so that you might be glorified and praised with “walking, leaping and praising”. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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