Daily Devotion, 5-22-2020 - Living Together in God's Will

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Devotion: May 22, 2020
Reading: Romans 12
Living Together in God’s Will

Living together can be difficult whether it is at work, at home, at church or within friendship circles. However, of all places that we expect people to live together in peace, the church should be number one. Within the body of believers, we should see evidence of living together in Christ…and in God’s will. But what does it really mean to live together in Christ?

In Romans 12, Paul gives us urges the Romans (and us today) to engage in these three practices or lifestyles to live together in Christ. The first practice is to live a sacrificial life which he describes as one in which we do not conform to the pattern of this world but to renew your minds (with God’s Word) so that you will be able to withstand the trials and tests of life.

We are also called to humbly serve others by using the gifts God has given us to teach, encourage, give, lead and love each other as fellow believers and those God leads us to who are not yet believers. We are not to misuse these gifts to bring glory to ourselves but are to use these so that we grow together as disciples whose collective mission is to make more disciples.

Paul's final suggestion for living together in Christ is to put love in action. The noun “love” does not take place unless we engage in the verb “love”. Paul offers several suggestions on how we put love in action. Sincerity is key to loving others and involves the hatred of only one thing…evil. There is an extensive and detailed list of loving actions in verses 9-21, which keep us sincere in living out our love for others to include: hospitality, hope, joy, peace, unity, harmony, sympathy and goodness. We are to practice this love in action even with our enemies.

People outside the church are watching to see how believers treat each other as well as well as how they treat them even those who persecute us and ridicule us. Do we treat them as outsiders who are not welcomed? Living a life of sacrifice, humility and love is to live a life like Christ. When we live a life like Christ, we bring glory and honor to God. Are we each doing our part to live together in Christ? Let’s individually and collectively commit to these three aspects of Christian living so that others may see God glorified through us...sacrifice, humility and love.

Dear God, we give you thanks for sending us Jesus who showed us what it means to live a life of sacrifice, humility and love. Help us to be more like Christ as individuals and as one body, the Church, which you have called us to be. And that we never forget that this is all for your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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