Daily Devotion, 5-11-2020

Pastor: Connie Belmore

May 11, Devotion - Loyalty to God
Reading: Isaiah 63:7-9

Key Verse: (Is. 63:8)He (God) said, “They are indeed my people, children who will not be disloyal, and he became their Savior.”

I remember going outside to play at recess time in elementary school. It was the highlight of my day (…no offense against any of my teachers… they were all awesome)! We would play circle games and climb on the playground equipment and play sports, such as kick ball. That was my favorite because I could kick far and run fast. I remember that we took turns being the team captains and nothing was worse than being that one kid who was chosen last to be on a team. I always felt badly for the person who was chosen last. I remember being convicted about this at an early age and would sometimes do the right thing and pick the person who may not have had the best athletic skills as one of the top three. But there were times when my competitive nature would kick in and that person would be the last.

Thank goodness, God does not work this way. When God chooses God’s people, it is not based on who is the most athletic, or has the most talent, or is the most popular. God uses the fairest of criterion summed up in one word… loyalty. Today’s Scripture reading says God chooses God’s people based on their loyalty (or for not being disloyal). Different words or phrases are used for this criterion; here are a few: “true to me”, “will not lie”, “will not deal falsely”, “will not betray”. But the bottom line is God wants and expects loyalty from God’s chosen people. In this brief passage, we are given the reasons we should desire to be loyal to God to include his faithful love, praiseworthy acts, abundant compassion. God chose Israel to be those for whom God would be Savior and Redeemer (v.9)

God deserves nothing but loyalty because he has chosen those who have received God’s grace through which we are saved, redeemed, loved, lifted up and carried. All God expects from us is to be truthful and loyalty. Because we live in the flesh, we may slip and fail from time to time, but we can still remain loyal by acknowledging when we have gone off course and ask God to forgive us and then allow God to lift us up and carry us forward into a life long process of sanctification (day by day being perfected and made complete in God). As we go through the day today, let’s ask ourselves how we are doing in being true to God. In those moments when we feel we might be slipping, remember God has chosen you because God feels you would be loyal to God. And then remember how good God is to you and allow His sanctifying grace to move you towards a life that glorifies God’s name.

Dear God, thank you for choosing me to be your redeemed. Forgive me when I stumble and continue to pour your grace out on me, lift me up and carry me so that I might glorify your name, and be a witness to your compassion and love. In the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

  August 2021  
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