Daily Devotion, 4-8-2020

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Is It I, Lord?
Reading: John 13:21-38

In today’s reading, Jesus has just finished washing the disciples’ feet and has settled down for a  meal with them. After the meal he takes an opportunity to teach his disciples a lesson they should learn from his washing their feet about being servant leaders. He then begins to foretell his betrayal which will take place by one of his disciples. The reaction to all present is interesting.

Jesus of course is aware this is going to happen and his purpose for telling them is so they will believe. Jesus wants to secure their faith in him and continues to teach them in this moment. The disciples don’t really seem to be listening though. It seems to me that they are more interested in the news as an object of gossip than they are in this terrible news that one among them will betray Jesus. They also are so unsure of their own sincerity in their relationship with him, that several of them ask the question, “Is it I?” Simon Peter is so insecure about this news that he asks John to ask Jesus who it is. And then there is Judas, the betrayer, who receives the piece of bread dipped in the dish by Jesus, signifying that is he who will betray Jesus. Despite Jesus telling the disciples about this sign he will give them, they still don’t get it…they still didn’t understand it.

As you read this story of betrayal during this Holy week, where do you see yourself in this story. Are you following the example of Jesus by staying focused on the mission by sharing the Scripture and teaching others what it means to be a servant leader? Do you have doubt about whether your sincerity in your relationship with Jesus or whether or not you have ever betrayed Jesus that you would have to ask, “Is it I, Lord?” If so, how have you or I betrayed Jesus? Are we like Peter, in that we are so ashamed of the possibility that it could be us that we have to get somebody else to ask Jesus on our behalf? Which one are you? In what ways, have you (and I) turned our backs away from God. Is it I, Lord?

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