Daily Devotion, 4-18-2020

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Reading: Psalm 16:5-11

When you hear the word inheritance, what typically comes to your mind? Most of the time we think about that which our parents or close relatives have passed on to us upon their death. This may be land, money, homes, cars and household items. Sometimes managing the magnitude of inheriting someone else’s lifetime of tangible things is very overwhelming and can also tragically lead to divisions among family members. Well today’s Bible reading points to this this one word --- “inheritance”.

The difference between an earthly inheritance and our heavenly inheritance is crystal clear. Just take  a glance at these words and phrases that describe it:

  • Our (lot) fate is security when our “portion” comes from the Lord
  • Boundary lines fall in pleasant places- (aka...no arguing over property lines)
  • Delightful
  • Counseling and instruction are part of our rich inheritance
  • Eternal pleasures that do not decay
  • Readily available knowledge about the path of life

Because of these intangible riches, our hearts can be glad and our tongues should rejoice.  These are eternal pleasures provided by God for God’s heirs. So today take a few moments to reflect on your heavenly pleasures and thank God that no one can take these from you. In fact, we should be excited to share this great inheritance with others. Regardless of our socioeconomic condition, when we have God in our lives, no matter what the circumstances of the world may be right now, we can be glad and rejoice for all the eternal riches God has provided for us.

Dear God, we thank you for the multitude of richness you have given to each one of us who accept and receive your grace. Help us to be willing servants who share this great inheritance with others so that they too can rejoice and be glad about your goodness and mercy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  August 2021  
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